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Death Grips Merch Death Grips' vocal styles aren't something that you hear every day. They're a group of hip hop experimentalists who formed in late 2010 and currently operate as a label known as Third Worlds. The group has a catalog that seems tailor-made for CIA black sites. Their vocal styles are so savage that they have inspired a plethora of other artists.

Death Grips were signed to Epic Records by the God Emperor of manufactured pop, Simon Cowell. In fact, when Reid met the band, he compared her to Whitney Houston, the singer who had just passed away. Nevertheless, the group remained loyal to their fans and continues to make great music. In merch and on their websites, the group's vocal styles are displayed on different levels.

The band's songs are intense. It's no wonder that Death Grips' fans flock to their merchandise. Their songs are a blend of industrial rap, surrealist music, and other genres. Their new album, Bottomless Pit, combines all of these elements to create a dense, industrial rap masterpiece. This album is the band's most dense and layered work.


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