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À propos can show your love for Nirvana by wearing some of their iconic merchandise. From t-shirts and caps to vinyl records and CDs, Nirvana has something for everyone. The band's music has inspired countless generations of fans, and their merchandise is a great way to show them just how much you care. Check out the following suggestions for Nirvana merchandise and find something that matches your style.

Nevermind was the band's most popular song in the early 90s, and their music video for it featured a janitor. Although Kurt disapproved of the song's popularity, the music video featured him in a mundane role. After dropping out of high school, Kurt landed a job at a janitor. The band's last concert was at the MTV Unplugged festival in New York in 1993, and t-shirts from this tour are now extremely valuable, commanding up to $1,500.

The band's infamous t-shirts came in a variety of designs, including an anatomical model. Their "SLIVER" logo on the back was a popular choice for the t-shirts. One such design was the band's first shirt, and the graphic was used on their official website. As a result, these shirts have gone on to become a staple of Nirvana merchandise.


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